I find that everyone in my life inspires me in different ways. I have many varied interests, so we're bound to connect on at least one of them!
No ad can explain the personal connection you and I will share behind closed doors, so lets get together!

I am couples, queer, fetish, and disability friendly. I do not discriminate on age, sex, nationality or race.

Knock Knock, It's your girlfriend

This is where you and I really get to shine and experience one another! Let go and sink in to pleasant conversation and sensual arousal.


1 hr - $500

90 minutes - $700

2 hrs - $1000

$350/hr after the first two.

Anything longer than four hours must include a meal.

I expect my company to pay for any room that I book for an incall.

Looking for a dinner date with a well spoken, easy going, well dressed,

easily charmed woman?


Includes 90 minutes private time and unlimited dining and entertainment time.

I enjoy comedy shows, amusement parks, local bands, local brews, geeky conventions and more! Get creative with your date ideas!

I dunno, What do you want to eat?

Wet and Wild

Looking for something a little more wet than usual? I give AND receive!

$800/ 90 mins

$1200/ two hours

Trust me, you want at least 90 minutes of this.


I'm highly dexterous from my many bipedal adventures conducted mostly in toe shoes and heels. These babies have raced miles and hiked mountains in heels. I offer you the chance to indulge in these accomplished, pedicured and sensually soft feet. - Same as GFE rates


Time is an illusion, lunchtime doubly so


Please text or email me for extended dates such as overnight, all day, or fly-me-to-you.

I am passport ready and enjoy international travel! Something always goes hilariously wrong. I'm all about that Type 2 fun.

-Off the Menu-

I am willing to entertain requests not listed in my packages for an extra $50 - $150/hr on top of my GFE rates.

Please e-mail me at sunniraesunshine@gmail.com with a simple description of your enjoyments.