First contact

My screening requirements are minimal and flexible. You do not need to send me references. If you would rather send references or real world social media instead of filling out my screening form, please send me an email. P411 and TNABoard members with OKs welcome.


I expect eloquence and succinctness. I give priority booking to those who can book me in a single email.

Any mention of sexual contact will result in an immediate dismissal of your proposal unless related to non-contact fetish work. 


Gifts and tips are most appreciated, but not nescessary! If you would like to get me a gift, I enjoy very dry wines, craft beer, dense non-fiction about pretty much anything, sunflowers, and unique or foreign snacks. 


I will do my best to accommodate any disability! Please let me know of any special accommodations you might need during our date. 

Please leave your donation on the bathroom counter, uncovered, where I can clearly see it when washing your hands. After a brief introduction I will excuse myself to the restroom. In public, please put the donation in an envelope in a book or greeting card. 

Please be freshly showered, brushed, with fresh breath, and if you must use fragrance, use it LIGHTLY. I take time to be fresh and clean for our date, and I expect the same in return.

If you expect us to be seen in public, please dress nicely. I will always look my best. 

Intoxication and inebriation are grounds for me to end our date without a refund. I expect my company to abstain from excess in my presence. Light drinking or 420 is ok.

No racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, islamaphobia, anti-semitism, white supremacy or nationalism, conspiracy theories, I don't agree and don't want to hear about it. I will remind you gently the first time, and leave the second.